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The key to live your life to the fullest is to nurture your spirit


       Thank you for visiting the website! 

     I am Kahori, the founder of Nurture Your Spirit, LLC.

I am a fully certified Reiki Master, Master Life Coach, and Access Bars® practitioner.

I have always been called to be a healer and a mentor.

Let me share a little bit about my life with you.

     I am originally from Japan and have lived in the U.S. since 2020. I love animals, traveling, music, and so much more. When I was little, my parent's work forced us to relocate many times. I experienced many challenges with having to make so many new relationships with friends at a young age. Therefore, I always felt like nature and animals always nurtured my spirit and helped fill the voids from leaving my previous home. Therefore, I chose this name for my company as I want to do the same for others. 

     I have also lived in Canada, Florida, Chicago, and I now live in North Texas where it is a completely different culture and society. No matter where I go, nurturing people's mind's is what I truly love. It has been a passion of mine and I promise to always continue sharing it with others.

So, tell me about your story.

where you have been, what you have gone through, and what future you are looking at.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and being a part of your journey!

myself and a horse
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