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Blue Sky


The access bars session was very relaxing. I have never tried it before but it was very comfortable and professional. I enjoyed the session and the recommendations. Would definitely try it again.

Michael, TX

(In person/Access Bars®)

I tried Kahori's life coaching session because I didn't know what I wanted to do for my life and I was able to find what my true passion is after the session.


Mari, Tokyo

(In person/Life Coaching)

What a nice way to treat myself!

My lower back pain got better after Kahori's reiki session.

I know that my body has more energy.

Masa, Kanagawa

(In person/Reiki Healing)

The way she listened to me and asked me questions were really comfortable.I could figure out what I need to do to make my dreams come true!

Miru, CA

(Online/Life Coaching)

Kahori has been a great help for me in my life major decision making. She helped me navigate the situation better  in order for me to know what path to take. She is very patient with every questions I have. Also, she helped me see the pros and cons of the both path. You won't regret having her as life coach.

Rosette, IL

(Online/Life Coaching)

I wanted to work on my confidence and the worksheet she gave me was exactly what I needed. I really appreciate her support.

Taka, Tokyo

(Online/Life Coaching)

Access Bars session was such a nice and relaxing. I am not sure how to describe but I definitely felt something inside of my body was moving during the session. When I got up from the bed, I felt my head so light, which I never felt before.

Now that I experienced her session, I understand what "Access Bars can feel like hitting the delete button on your computer’s cluttered hard drive"

Haru, Kanagawa

(In person/Access Bars®)

Such a nice and relaxing card reading session! It was also a great opportunity for me to realize what change I need to make and pay attention to my inner voice. Thank you so much Kahori!

Ikumin, TX

(Online/Oracle Card Reading)

I never had card reading done and always has been hesitant to do it. I did the card reading with Kahori the first time and her card reading was right on the dot. I still thought it was a coincidence so I tried again and it was a bulls eye again. The good thing about her too is she really explains in detail and you can ask any question you want an answer too.

Rosette, IL

(Online/Oracle Card Reading)

I am seeing better changes slowly.

I really appreciate Kahori's help for guiding me to the right path!

Milan, Vancouver

(Online/Oracle Card Reading)

Kahori helped me organizing my mental clutter to figure out what I want to do is actually achievable. Now that I know it, I feel confident enough to take a step forward. 

Mame, AZ

(Online/Life Coaching)

I always feel better after Kahori's reiki healing sessions.

It is not only her sessions, but her words make my pain go away.

She gave me lots of new insights and perspective on my current situation. I never would have thought to look at it this way before.

Natsu, Tokyo

(Long distance/Reiki Healing)

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