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Life Coaching

What you can expect from Life Coaching

Have you ever thought of your life like a director writing a movie?

If there are areas in your life that you feel aren't reaching their full potential, it could be that parts of your conciousness are on "autopilot". Life coaching essentially allows you to reassess these areas and give you the ability to change or switch the "autopilot" off. 

Working with a life coach is the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on problems that you face. In addition  offering new insight into challenges, I will help you to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in the way of your success.

Of course it will be different depending on what outcome you are looking into from a life coach session, but most of the time not only we use a customized worksheet but also we focus on "why" and dig deep from it.

This is really important because "your life is the movie you write"-The Transformation Academy of Life Coaching

I would like you to take a moment and think about these questions below:


Is there anything that you wish was different about your current situation?

Do you ever feel that your "autopilot" is stopping you from moving forward?


If you answer "YES" to either of these questions, it is the time for you to take steps in-order to move forward!

Reminder :

A Life Coach is not a therapist, which means Life Coach cannot treat mental health conditions. If you have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, please seek professional help.

Do these sound familiar to you?

● I know what I want to achieve but I have just been unable to reach my goal.

​● I am not sure what I want to do in life or what my strengths are.

● I have fear and negative beliefs that hold me back from success.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an questions!

Kahori has been a great help for me in my life major decision making. She helped me navigate the situation better  in order for me to know what path to take. She is very patient with every questions I have. Also, she helped me see the pros and cons of the both path. You won't regret having her as life coach.

Rosette, IL

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